Collection of Guitar Effects Pedals, including Fulltone Soul-Bender and Full-Drive 2; Diaz Tremodillo; Xotic RC Booster; MXR Phase 90, Micro Amp, and two Dyna Comps; Jim Dunlop Original Cry Baby and Cry Baby 535 wah pedals; DeArmond Model 602 volume pedal; Boss DD-3 Digital Delay and AC-2 Acoustic Simulator; two Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamers, one modified by Analog Man; Carl Martin Chorus XII; Marshall The Guv'nor; DOD DFX9 Digital Delay; Rapco AB-100 The Connection; Rockman Soloist by Tom Scholz; Fender AX-5000 Chromatic Auto Tuner; and patch cables.

Lot 1057, Estimate $300-500

Part of Skinner Fine Musical Instruments Online Auction 3406T ending Tuesday, July 14 at 7pm.

Skinner Auctions

Skinner Auctions

Skinner Auctions
Adam Tober
Boston, MA
10:00 PM

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