The cylinder-back is a style of mandolin manufactured by the Vega Company of Boston. The design patent for the instrument was issued on November 4, 1913 to David L. Day, who was chief acoustical engineer for Vega. The unique design feature of the cylinder-back instruments (originally referred to as mando-lutes in the Vega catalog) is a cylindrical bulge running longitudinally along the back plate, from the tailpiece to the neck heel. This bulge increases the internal volume of the instrument. The result has been described as a compromise between the earlier Neapolitan-style bowl-back mandolins and the more modern styles with flat backs that were manufactured in the United States around the time of the cylinder-back's first appearance. 

Here’s a near pristine example of the Vega model 202 with a spruce top,mahogany back & sides, featuring the rare sunburst finish. The instrument is clean, clean, clean throughout and all original, with terrific low action. It’s a joy to play, and very collectable.

$1,495.00 with original chipboard case included.

Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

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Vintage Gintage
Bob Page