Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive Pedal


A stylish looking transparent overdrive modeled on the punchy clean tones of vintage Blackface amps!

What we think:

The Vemuram Jan Ray has taken the boutique guitar world's love for transparent overdrives, and brought it one step further! Housed in a sleek all brass enclosure for increased noise reduction, the Jan Ray is Vemuram's organic and natural sounding low-mid level gain pedal.

A true testament to your guitar's actual tone, there's no mid bump coloring your tone like there is in some other supposedly transparent drives. The pedal is very touch-sensitive and dynamic; dig in a little on lower gain settings for a light grit, or crank the volume and gain all the way for a full, rich, harmonic overdrive sound. A small trim pot on the side of the pedal controls the amount of gain on tap, utilizing the gain knob on top of the enclosure as more of a "fine tuner" than a relative gain setting. This pedal seems to shine brightest when pushing an already driven amp past it's breaking point, getting your guitar to really sing in that sweet spot.

The Jan Ray has proved to be the best of blackface in a box. With everything from smooth and rounded cleans to a touch dynamic harmonic drive, the Jan Ray can become a staple in almost any players rig.

Manufacturer Description:

A firm natural overdrive with a pleasant silky sustain.  THE Fender Magic 6 sound!

An easy to handle overdrive with great sustain without any unnatural compression.  It keeps the characteristics of the tones that the guitars naturally produce.

The Jan Ray produces that great sustaining punchy clear tones of the Blackface Fender amps from the '60s.  The tone is crisp yet the lowed is warm and mellow.

The hallmark brass body provides great shielding from the outside and enables a noiseless tones.

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