Vemuram Karen Overdrive Pedal


Designed to recreate the overdrive of a mid 70's - early 80's Marshall! A full sound with natural compression, without any high end loss.

What we think:

So many players loved the incredible distortion sound of the Vemuram Rage E that they wanted a streamlined, slightly tamed version without the boost…and Vemuram delivered something even better than expected!

The Karen starts off with the same full-bodied, harmonically rich distortion of the Rage E, with a little more focus and control. While you won't be able to dial in that classic "brown sound" vibe without the extra boost stage in the Rage E, you'll still be able to crank out those powerful vintage 70's and early 80's JCM and JMP Marshall tones. Use the trimpot on the side in tandem with the gain knob for dialing the perfect smooth overdrive or a cranked, in-your-face distortion tone.


The Vemuram Karen is a fantastic alternative to its big brother, the Rage E. Snag one now!

Manufacturer Description:

Designed to recreate the overdrive of a mid '70s early '80s Marshall such as the 4 input JMP and the 2 input JCM.

THE Marshall sound.  A full sound with natural compression without any high end loss.

It's an overdrive with think saturation and a pleasant natural compression.

The hallmark brass body provides great shielding from the outside and enables a noiseless tones.

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