Vemuram Rage E Overdrive/Distortion Pedal


Vemuram Custom Pedal's flagship distortion pedal! Huge, thick-sounding high gain power!

What we think:

Full, creamy distortion…
Natural, organic compression…
High gain tones with tons of presence…
On-board boost…

The Vemuram Rage E is a force to be reckoned with!

The Rage E is a true rocker's pedal. A tight and percussive low end response paired with little-to-no high-end loss makes both open and bar chords ring out evenly across the sound spectrum. The actual color of the drive is saturated and rich, thick and creamy, everything you'd expect when thinking of "Brown Sound" pushed to it's limit. Use the trimpot on the side to dial in your exact gain amount, perfect for matching this fantastic distortion sound to the rest of your rig. 

Though the boost function cannot be run independently of the drive, you won't see us complaining. It's perfectly suited for jumping from driving rhythm sounds to a searing, thick-sounding solo tone. This thing is a shredder's dream!

Manufacturer Description:

The Rage e takes all the flatness out of the conventional overdrive pedal and adds another dimension to the tone.

The hallmark brass body provides great shielding from the outside and enables a noiseless tones.

A gain control trimmer on the side panel allows for an even more delicate control over the distortion range.

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