Vemuram Shanks 4K Fuzz Pedal


Tonebender MK 1.5 meets Germanium Fuzz Face. This two-transitor fuzz does it all!

What we think:

Legendary producer John Shanks teamed up with Vemuram to voice a fuzz like no other…a Fuzz Face meets Tonebender with tons of dynamics, tweakability, and most importantly…POWER. 

Now…imagine a cage rattling against the fury of an angry tiger. You can sing the tiger to sleep or provoke its rage even more, but you know that, ultimately, that tiger is in your thrall. You have imagined the Shanks 4K.

This full-featured fuzz features two handpicked NOS germanium transistors, bias and color trimpots accessible from the side of the pedal, and a low-noise, high headroom output section. That high headroom gives you tons of dynamic possibilities with the fuzz cranked; either run your guitar's volume low and let the pedal break up as you dig in or run it wide open without the fuzz getting totally out of control.


The bias and color trimpots let you not only dial in the amount of fuzz you want on tap but the exact coloration of the fuzz. Get a wide open, huge (but controlled!) fuzz tone or a tighter, lightly compressed sound all with a few knob turns. This thing is truly a fuzz player's dream!

Manufacturer Description:

Based on the Fuzz Face, & the Tonebender 1.5 Mod.  Equipped with a Fuzz Color and Bias trimmer.

The hallmark brass body provides great shielding from the outside and enables a noiseless tones.

"The 4knob Shanks pedal is a collective design from me and the team at Vemuram.  It's a 2 transistor fuzz that gives you the head room as well as cleans up when you roll your volume down..  The gain is fuzzy but controllable giving you flexibility over the gain you desire.  It took us a while to get this right so enjoy and play on."  John Shanks

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