Victoria Amps 20112 15W 1x12 Combo Amp


Amazing hand-wired boutique amp based on the Tweed Deluxe

What we think:

This has been the most popular Victoria amp at Sound Pure for a while now.  In the world of low-watt deluxe style tweed amps, it doesn't get much better than the 20112!  There are endless numbers of bluesmen and classic rockers that have recorded and toured with tweed deluxe amps.  It's time for you to get that classic tone!  This time with hand-wired boutique quality and reliability!

Manufacturer Description:

The narrow panel Deluxe has long been considered the consummate blues amp for small to medium-sized venues. It still is, but there seems to be even fewer good ones around and vintage prices reflect this. We build the 20112 right, and we can't build too many. This Victoria is a seminal tool for studio and club work, period.

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