Victoria Amps Ivy League 14W 1x10 Combo Amp


A Tweed style amp made in the same vein as some other notable Ivy League Schools.

What we think:

The Victoria Ivy League is simple, sweet, and nice as can be. Drawing influence from one of Fender's most notable tweed 5F10 circuits, an 'Ivy League' school, this amp is absolutely killer. Everything from rich and full to twang and spank can be dialed in through some very simple and user frendly controls. The Eminence Legend that comes stock in this amp is a perfect match, nailing those tweed tones effortlessly. Enough power for a practice amp or to keep at lower volumes for at home, this amp can be your perfect match. 

Manufacturer Description:

The Ivy League is a loving recreation of the classic 5F10 Fender Harvard style amplifier. Every aspect of the original model is reproduced in the Ivy League; triple inputs, 6AT6 7 pin preamp tube, twin 6V6 power tubes and a single 10" speaker

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