Vintage Celestion pre-Rola T1217 greenback speaker quad! All 4 are 100% original with 003 lead cones and function perfectly with no rubs or buzzes. I believe 3 are Feb '69 while one is a bit later... the only one with a legible date code: Oct '70 KC15W. Two brandish a faded S 6BB (?) while one an S 7BB... but looking at paper, frames, stamp etc I'm going to estimate Feb '69 (please correct me if I'm wrong). A couple of areas around back of frames have residual glue from being mounted once in an old Selmer cab with foam all over inside... common in that era. It's dry and not sticky in any way however, and does obviously not affect any of the speakers' performance. Please also note the cracked cover on the '70 speaker which looks like it was put back on wrong perhaps...? Lot's of pics here but happy to help if needed...

This is a powerful sounding G12H30 pre-Rola quad full of that 60's ooze & syrupy juicy tone ready to be mounted, cranked up, and ROCKED! ... or bluesed, funked, jazzed... etc.

Year Condition Case
~1969 Very Good None


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