Vintech Audio 473 (Neve 1073) 4-Channel Mic Pre


Extremely well priced, gritty-textured high-end four-channel mic pre based on the original Neve 1073.

What we think:

This is perhaps the best deal on a per-channel basis on this site. The 473 is an amazing replica of the preamps found in the original Neve 1073 modules. In numerous shootouts that have been conducted, golden-ear engineers have found themselves dumbfounded in their inability to distinguish between the preamps on this 473, and original Neve 1073's that street-price at more than $4k per channel. Given that this 4-channel unit sells for less than a single Neve 1073 module, this deal is truly absurd.

That being said, you get both the Neve 1073-based preamp design AND some incredibly user-friendly high and low shelving EQ on each of the four channels. These allow for some lovely on-the-spot and easy to use Neve-quality EQ'ing on each and every channel. The classic Neve coloration has never been so affordable, and if you don't own several Neve 1073's in your preamp collection, here's a real opportunity to add four. Without cutting any corners, you'll be able to leave yourself about $12-15k in the bank.

Manufacturer Description:

The Vintech Audio 473 features four 1073 style microphone preamplifiers with "essential eq" on every channel. We call the high and low shelving eq adjustments "essential" because they really help to enhance certain instruments and impart a certain magic to the sound like a vintage Neve 1073. Frequency choices are 3.2k and 12k for the highs and 60hz and 220hz on the low shelving but can be special ordered at other practical frequencies. Each channel also offers an input sensitivity adjustment allowing up to 70db of gain, an input impedance switch(selecting either 300 Ohms or 1.2 kOhms), a mic-line switch, an instrument input and switches for phantom power, phase reverse and eq on or off.


Note: The Vintech 473 requires the Vintech Power Supply Unit, which is not included in this product. The Vintech Power Supply can power up to four individual channel strips, a 473 (four channel unit) and two single channel strips, a 473 and a 609 Stereo compressor, or a variety of other options. Contact us for more information about the Vintech Power Supply Unit.

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