Vintech Audio 573 500-Series Mic Preamp Demo/Open Box


Vintech's famous 1073 clone, now in a 500 Series package!

What we think:

With the popularity of the 500 series, Dallas is now offering his 1073 clones in the Lunchbox format.  He painstakingly designed the 573’s preamp to be as accurate to the original Neve 1073 as the rest of his preamp line.  With a front panel DI, both line and mic level inputs, and the tonal flexibility that comes with independent input and output gain control, this is one of the most versatile 500 series modules on the market.  If you have an open spot on your rack, or are in need of a few more channels of 1073 preamps, don’t miss out on the Vintech 573!

Manufacturer Description:

The VA573 is a class A, all discrete, transformer balanced microphone preamplifier. It is based on the classic Neve 1073 module. The 573 features an all new discrete high impedance D.I. that goes through the input transformer. The 573 also has switchable impedance settings (selecting either 300 Ohms or 1.2 kOhms) and is also capable of accepting line level sources via a switch on the front panel.

This unit contains no IC's and no surface mount components. It is made at the Vintech shop in the USA.

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