Vintech Audio X73 (Neve 1073 Replica) Pre/EQ


Vintech's version of the Neve 1073, hand wired and at a great price!

What we think:

The original Neve 1073 clone. And they nailed it! Fantastic recreation of the incredibly sought after Neve 1073 mic preamp and EQ. Considering that you can purchase three Vintech x73's and a power supply with a Full factory warranty for the price of one single Neve 1073 module (unwarrantied), we're suprised people still even bother. If the classic Neve sound is what you are after, look no further.

Manufacturer Description:

The Vintech X73 is a class A, all discrete, transformer balanced microphone preamplifier with equalizer. It is built with the same circuit design and components as the classic Neve 1073 module.


- Custom made concentric style switches with gold plated contacts
- Genuine Elma brand Swiss made 22 position switch with gold plated contacts used on the input attenuator
- St. Ives input and output transformers
- Custom made machined aluminum knobs
- Custom Clarostat conductive plastic potentiometers in the eq section
- Output level display
- and Direct input for instruments.

All discrete circuitry means no usage of integrated circuits (no IC chips), all amplifier circuits are built from separate selected components.


Note: The Vintech 273 requires the Vintech Power Supply Unit, which is not included in this product. The Vintech Power Supply can power up to four individual channel strips, a 473 (four channel unit) and two single channel strips, a 473 and a 609 Stereo compressor, or a variety of other options. Contact us for more information about the Vintech Power Supply Unit.

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