Vintech Audio X73i (Neve 1073) Pre/EQ


Cost-effective Neve 1073 replica. Need multiple channels of Neve? This is your box!

What we think:

Everyone is always looking for that perfect balance between the best-sounding audio gear and the most affordable price. Meet the Vintech x73i! Dallas built his hand-wired replica 1073s with the original x73, but wanted to bring the cost down a little lower so that everyone could afford a real-sounding 1073 in their studio. He brought in PC-mounted switches to reduce the cost, then he began to wind his own transformers to get the closest sound to the original units, but without spending hundreds on the transformers alone.

The performance of the x73i (and the siblings, the multi-channel 273 and 473) compares incredibly well against many vintage 1073s that we have brought into our studio.  In fact, people ask if we have 1073s, and we tell them yes, we think the x73is are that close!  So if you are looking for that Vintage 1073 sound, but don't want to spend $3K for a single channel, the x73i is without a doubt the best place to start!

Manufacturer Description:

Possibly the best value in the business! The X73i is a class A, all discrete, transformer balanced microphone preamplifier with equalizer both based on the classic Neve 1073 module. It is constructed utilizing modern manufacturing techniques which allow us to offer this product at an incredible value. Now practically anyone can record with the classic sound of vintage modules without having to deal with inflated vintage prices.

The X73i features the same class A mic pre as the X73 with all of the same eq parameters plus additional mid range frequencies, selectable input impedance, 1/4 inch D.I. on front panel, transformer balanced mic and line inputs, phase reverse, phantom power switch, eq switch, 70db of gain, quality Grayhill rotary switches, custom machined aluminum knobs, plus many other features.

We just returned from this year's AES convention where we conducted listening tests between our new X73i and vintage Neve 1073's we rented from Dreamhire in New York. Many folks did the comparison and practically all who did found the units to sound amazingly identical.

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