Vintech Audio X 81 (Neve 1073 and 1081 in one) Pre/EQ


Featuring the same 1073 style pre as the x73, but with an EQ section designed after the Neve 1081, all hand wired and at a great price!

What we think:

Everyone loves the Neve 1073's mic preamp and the Neve 1081's more powerful EQ. Vintech has found the prefect combo here with their X81. Utitilizing the same preamp and gain section as in the X73, which is a near perfect mimic of the original preamp of the Neve 1073 modules, this unit also adds a more comprehensive and versatile EQ with the same great Neve sound.

Considering that you can purchase three Vintech x81's and a power supply with a full factory warranty for the price of one single Neve 1073 module (without warranty), we're suprised people still bother. If the classic Neve sound is what you are after, look no further.

Manufacturer Description:

The "X81 Class A" is a four band version of the X73. It features the same basic equalizer points as the famous Neve 1081 module. Many people love the 1081 for its comprehensive EQ but some feel that its class AB output amplifier lacked the character found in the 1073's Class A output amp. The X81 utilizes the same equalzier designs and class A amps throughout as found in the X73.


- Same basic construction and features as the X73
- EQ frequency adjustments: 5 on lows, 10 on low mids, 10 hi mids, 5 on high mids
- EQ section includes a Hi Q adjustment for each mid range section and a high pass filter
- There is also a DI and an output strength meter


Note: The Vintech x81 requires the Vintech Power Supply Unit, which is not included in this product. The Vintech Power Supply can power up to four individual channel strips, a 473 (four channel unit) and two single channel strips, a 473 and a 609 Stereo compressor, or a variety of other options. Contact us for more information about the Vintech Power Supply Unit.

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