・A simple and intuitive compressor that is very easy to use even for beginners

FerreComp is a compressor that is easy to understand and intuitive for beginners and players who have never used a compressor before.

・Easy-to-understand Comp control

The Comp control provides an easy to understand change in sound, increasing sound pressure and equalizing volume.
The Comp control allows you to blend the sound without losing your presence in the ensemble.

・The LED indicator allows you to visually make up your sound.

The LED indicator on the bottom right of the Comp control allows you to visually check how much sound is being compressed. The stronger the light, the greater the compression.

・The side switch controls the attack and release.

The side switch allows you to change the attack and release time.
The side switch can be used to change the attack and release time. When the switch is turned up, the sound is in slow mode, which emphasizes the attack and retains dynamics.
When the switch is turned down, the attack will be compressed and the volume difference will be well controlled.

・Tone control for deeper sound makeup

FerreComp’s Tone control allows you to adjust the sound quality by applying a compressor for deeper sound makeup.


Power Supply : 006P(9V Batery) or Plug-in Power (DC9V, 2.1mm, Center-minus )
Current Consumption : 30mA (Peak)
Dimension : 75 x 115 x 48mm (Including switch and knobs)
Accessories : User Guide



Brand New
Hiroki Kokuno
Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
3:41 PM