Several years after acoustical engineer Lloyd Loar left the Gibson company, he started the Vivi-Tone Company in the early 1930s, building both electric and acoustic instruments. Vivi-Tone instruments are extremely rare and many players don’t even know they exist.

This unusual tenor guitar has some true Loar innovations, including a unique electrification system, consisting of a single magnet pickup connected and adjusted through a delicately designed access below the bridge. Turning to the back, we find two f holes and a recessed back, meant to increase projection. These innovations created by Loar add great value to this unusual “thinking outside the box” design. This rare tenor guitar is in terrific condition, with only slight fret wear and all original parts, including the uniquely engraved tailpiece, bridge, pick guard, and double tab Grover tuners.

Visually striking, the ivoroid peg head overlay is decorated with the same design as is engraved on the tailpiece.

$ 4,500.00 with original connecting cord in original soft-shell case

Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

Very Good
Original Soft
Vintage Gintage
Bob Page