VOVOX Link Protect A Instrument Patch Cable 1-ft


Popular choice among the high end patch cables. Stop messing around. Go with the best!

What we think:

There's a lot of talk about who has the best cables in the business. We've tried 'em all and Vovox continues to please. We use the Vovox instrument cables on all of our studio and video sessions. There's no reason to use any other cables.

The Vovox 11.5 ft instrument cables have been so popular that all of our customers who have bought those are calling back for a whole set of patch cables to match! Talk to SoundPure today to get them all at the same time. Stop messing around with average cables and steup up to the last ones you'll ever need

Manufacturer Description:

As patch cable, the same sound counductor is used as for instrument leads. The optimal solution for effect pedals, pedal boards or effects racks.

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