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Uber-rare, one-year model tube amp by Vox/Thomas Organ utilizing mostly JMI AC10/AC15 componentry including transformers, cabinetry and the highly-coveted, UK-made Celestion 7724 10” speakers.

This was Thomas Organ’s answer to Fender’s Princeton Reverb and to my ear it sounds even better and has a more usable reverb and tremolo, breaks up very nicely when overdriven and idles quiet as a mouse.

All original save for replaced three-prong power cord and main filter and cathode bias capacitors. This amp functions exactly as it should but comes with NO warranty or guarantee of it’s electronic functionality. Yep

Includes original Vox vacuum tubes, chrome, wheeled trolley, original speaker cable and reverb/tremolo foot switch. This is a gorgeous sounding, low-powered amp. You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer one.

Actual estimated shipping cost, which will be considerable, will be added to purchase price.

Here’s the story of the V-8 Vox Berkeley from the Voxshowroom website…

“The V-8 Berkeley Super Reverb was an all tube guitar amplifier loosely based on the JMI AC-15. The Berkeley Super Reverb had two cathode biased EL-84s along with an EZ81 rectifier, three ECC83 (12AX7) and one ECC82 (12AU7) tubes. The amp featured "top boost" tone controls, tremolo and reverb. It did not have the elaborate Vib/Trem circuitry of the JMI AC-15.

The matching 16 ohm 2 x 10" speaker cabinet for the V-8 Berkeley had English made Celestion speakers and a chrome roller stand.”

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