Up for sale, a 1964 Vox AC30/6 in excellent condition, complete with a pair of Celestion Silver Bell T1088 model speakers! This well played and gig-ready AC30 sounds nothing short of spectacular, with the incredibly dynamic, touch sensitive responsiveness, smooth tube saturation, and glassy clarity that has made this amp one of the most sought after of all time. The list of AC30 enthusiasts is endless, with a story that began with the Shadows and quickly grew to include players such as the Beatles, U2, Queen and countless others. This amp delivers both the detailed cleans and midrange rich tube overdrive that are the hallmarks of the AC30 tone, not to mention providing fantastic vibrato and tremolo on the third pair of inputs!

This amp boasts a very well maintained and freshly serviced circuit, with a largely original preamp and stock transformers. The stock pots, carbon comp resistors, and tone caps in the preamp are intact, and the power amp has been partially recapped as necessary to keep the amp running within original factory spec. Stamped "Bass" in red ink on the inside of the chassis, this amp is factory voiced for thicker low end response without sacrificing top end clarity. The amp features an original Parmeko power transformer and choke, and these transformers were almost exclusively seen in the first gray panel AC30 Twins during the Winter of '64. Also intact is the original Woden output transformer, which dates to August of '64 with an "HV" date code (H for August, V for 1964). The chassis itself is quite clean with an early gray faceplate that retains all of its lettering in addition to original chicken head knobs. The amp sports a pair of vintage Mullard 6BQ5/EL84 power tubes which sound fantastic and deliver an authentic British tone, as well as a second pair of unlabeled EL84s that match well with the Mullards.

The Celestion Silver T1088 speakers are era-correct replacements, dating to 1968, and have recently been professionally reconed with the modern Celestion H1777 cones for a close match to the original Pulsonic tone. The frames are in very good overall condition, with clean JMI labels and stock silver paint which shows only very light chipping and wear around the screw holes and edges. Both cones move smoothly with no voice coil rub and clear, articulate tone.

The serial/model # plaque on the back panel of the amplifier is a modern metal reproduction furnished by North Coast Music, and both back panels are newer replacements, made to the original shape and specifications of the stock back panels, with basketweave tolex that matches very closely to the original tolex which remains intact on the rest of the amplifier. The grillcloth has bee replaced with the correct brown diamond lattice pattern cloth which looks great and is era correct to match the black basketweave tolex and gray faceplate. There is modest wear on the bottom of the cabinet and along the front bottom edge, but overall the basketweave is in great shape with minimal scuffing and nicks. The piping is all clean and intact, with stock two-pin plastic corners. This is an early example for the two-pin corners, which were phased in alongside the earlier one-pin corners, introduced in the Spring of '64.

The amp features three original Vox JMI era SBU handles, and two larger handles have been installed on either side of the amplifier. Best seen in photo #2, these handles are set into the cabinet, and surely prove more reliable than the original plastic ones on top! It should also be noted that a couple of non-original handles were at one point installed in place of the central handle on top of the amp, and there are a few extra mounting holes present. Two of the plastic vents on top of the amp are original, while the third is a new quality reproduction courtesy of North Coast Music. The Vox logo on the face of the amplifier is original as well.

This AC30/6 has been freshly serviced, with newly reconed Celestion T1088 Silver Bell speakers, and a very original circuit!
Year Condition Color Case
1964 Excellent Black Basketweave None

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