As of late, we've had a slew of magnificent instruments, and this 2005 Wingert 00 fits right in with the best of them. Finding a set of Brazilian Rosewood this gorgeous and responsive in today's market? Difficult to say the least, but Kathy appears to have snagged some excellent sets for herself, and it's a treat to see how well this particular set has been employed. The curving butterfly wings of the grain patterns exhibit chocolate-rich colorings, and are matched only by the medullary rays of the German Spruce top, itself matched by a sparkling winged sprite inlaid with Abalone and Mother-Of-Pearl across the headstock by Kathy's own daughter, Jimmi Wingert.

Once we were able to tear our eyes away from these attractive features, the guitar became an entirely different beast at the first pluck of the strings. Celtic arrangements in DADGAD are rich and sustained; travis-style fingerpicking in Standard is crisp and projective; even wrong notes sounded great! Between these top-notch tonewoods and the 00 body, this Wingert is optimized for the fingerstylist who wants to squeeze every bit of nuance out of their music, and Kathy's famously smooth fretwork and low action make playing effortless. Ready for a guitar which can do justice to your arrangements? This Wingert (wrapped up in a Calton case) is up to the challenge.

Year Condition Color
2005 Near Mint Rosewood - Brazilian


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