Wunder Audio CM12H Microphone


Wunder Audio CM12H (historical) Tube Microphone based on the AKG C12

Manufacturer Description:

The Wunder Audio CM12H (historical) Tube Microphone is a limited edition microphone system that uses the vintage-style power supply with a separate pattern-selector box and original-style interconnecting cables. The CM12H uses the larger Hiller T14/1 output transformer that was standard in the early C12. The hand made Capsule is an exact recreation of the original CK12 capsule. These boutique microphones are hand assembled in Texas per customers order. 
· Tubes are hand tested NOS GE 5-star 6072. 
· All the capacitors and resistors are of the highest quality available, offering a better low end and S/N ratio. 
· High-end Silver wire to wire up the entire mic.
· PSU offers nine polar pickup patterns. PSU's True precision regulation combined with passive filtering, safer for microphone and capsule, RF and Transient voltage protected AC input. 
· Point-to-point internal wiring for the audio path. 
· Swivel mount is a spectacular piece of craftsmanship itself with the large green jewel. 
· Oak box with black crushed velvet padded interior included.
· Individual body parts can be sold separately as replacement parts for a vintage C12.

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