Xotic Effects USA BBP-COMP Distortion/Compressor Pedal


Like 3 pedals in one!

What we think:

All of the great tone and singing sustain of the original BB Preamp pedal with three different levels of compression. One of the most usable and versatile overdrive pedals on the market!

Manufacturer Description:

A few years ago, Xotic Effects and Andy Timmons partnered to recreated the original BB to what is now know as the Andy Timmons signature model BB-AT. Selling a total of 2,000 of this model in less than 7 days, it was clear our original design was still sought after.

Borrowing from the compression selection of the AC-Comp, the Xotic Effects Custom Shop introduces the BBP-COMP. Users will have the ability to choose, standard compression (think current BB-PREAMP), more compression (Andy Timmons BB-AT) and no compression. The new BBP-COMP rolls two iconic pedals into one while taking it′s sound to a new level with a no compression option. Quite possibly the most musical and versatile distortion pedal to ever have been created. The new Xotic Effect Custom Shop BBP-COMP, uniquely created, legendary tone with swagger. 

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