Xotic XP-1T 3-Tone Burst Alder Electric Bass Guitar


Versatile unique 4-string p-style bass - made in Japan! Features Active Electronics and incredible tone shaping abilities

What we think:

This 4-string version of Xotic's popular 5-string p-style bass is a modern take on a classic mainstay of the bass world. You'll evoke that vintage vibe with the 3-tone burst finish and the gold anodized pickguard brings a touch of class while shielding the pickups from interference. I love the tonal warmth that a rosewood fretboard brings to any instrument and this bass is no exception. Coupled with an alder body, it has a tight sound with lots of room for tonal exploration with Xotic's incredible Trilogic2 active EQ system. Give us a call and we'll be glad to get this beautiful modern classic into your hands!

Manufacturer Description:

Precision Bass continues to mesmerize many musicians with its dense tone and visceral, yet gracious sound. 
Just like our popular XP-1T 5-string model, this is a new P-Bass style that came to life as a result of XOTiC's relentless pursuit of acoustic like resonance of the body, and playability. This bass embodies 2 different tones; vintage and modern. The professional users have proved its sound quality and exquisite craftsmanship and it is now available at an affordable price. 

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