Zildjian 10" A Splash Cymbal


The Classic Zildjian Voice that Started it All. These are the cymbals that launched a million drum solos and shaped musical history - tried and true musical icons whose history spans centuries and infinite musical styles. A Zildjians are the world's most popular and versatile cymbals

Manufacturer Description:

Quick, short crash.

Category: A Zildjian Series
Type: Crashes
Size: 10
Weight: PT
Finish: Traditional Finish
Tone: MT
Genre: Drumset: Country, Drumset: Fusion, Drumset: Hip Hop, Drumset: Jazz, Drumset: Latin, Drumset: Other, Drumset: Pop, Drumset: R&B, Drumset: Rock, Drumset: World
Skill Level: Advanced, Expert, Intermediate, Professional

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