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Bourgeois Sloped D NAMM 2016 Collection

Bourgeois Sloped D Custom Winter NAMM 2016 Collection. Stunning light burst over Bear Claw Sitka with Figured Ziricote Back and Sides. This guitar is totally customized as are many NAMM guitars, so lets get started: This guitar features a rare "lightburst", which you can currently only have by purchasing this instrument (it is not an available option otherwise). Yes, as with most of our...
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Bourgeois Guitars 7247

Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Acoustic Guitar #7247Description:A gorgeous Adirondack Spruce/Curly Maple Slope D Advanced from Dana Bourgeois!What we think:The Adirondack top on this guitar has enough headroom to clear a building in a single leap, and the Curly Maple back and sides are beautifully articulate and allow the fundamental tone to come through with authority. The aged top has opened the...
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