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~1963 Danelectro Vincent Bell Bellzouki

Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting... A 1960's Danelectro Vincent Bell Bellzouki Guitar.. These guitars were made from 1961 to 1969...No telling which year this one is...This is in fabulous shape. If you are looking at this, you probably already know what this is… These are a Vincent Bell designed 12 string guitar. The only difference I can see from the standard 12 string guitars is the...
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1967 Danelectro Bellzoukie Vincent Bell


Mikes Music

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1967 Danelectro Vincent Bell 'Bellzouki' 12 string semi hollow body electric guitar in overall very good condition, with non original hardshell case. These Bellzoukis are super cool sounding electric 12s - really chimy and well - 'bell-like' - great for writing and recording. This is the single pickup model, and that single lipstick tube pickup sounds GREAT! Condition wise, there is finish...
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1965 Danelectro Bellzouki 'Vincent Bell' 12 String Model 7020

A 1965 Danelectro Vincent Bell Twelve-String "Bellzouki" 1965 Danelectro Bellzouki 'Vincent Bell' 12 String Model 7020 This original 1965, four-point 'Teardrop shaped twelve-string electric Bellzouki weighs just 6.40 lbs. "Solid Center" construction consisting of Masonite top and back on a pine frame. On the bass-side of the top is the silver plastic "Bellzouki / Vincent Bell" logo. The body is...
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1966 Danelectro Bellzouki Vincent Bell 12 String

1966 Danelectro Bellzouki Vincent Bell 12 string. It has a very nice straight neck with great frets. It's all original with the excpetion of the strap buttons, and is 100% copmlete. Included is the pictured hard shell case. It has nicks + dings, finish checking, and other cosmetic wear including seam separation on the top of the headstock. There's also a crack in the top of the body going...
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