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~1948 Epiphone Deluxe Zephyr Regent

This is a late '40s Epiphone Deluxe Zephyr Regent in excellent original condition with the original hard case. It is unusual in that is has two original single coil pick-ups. It has the original tuners, frets, pick-ups, bridge, Frequensator tailpiece, knobs and pick guard. There is a repair around the input jack that was done years ago. It is stable but could be made to look cosmetically better...
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1934 Epiphone Deluxe

The Masterbilt early 16" version of the Deluxe, this guitar shows honest playing wear. It was owned by noted acoustic swing player Marty Grosz. Finish mostly warn off the beck of the neck and in spots on the back and sides. Other than a replaced tailpiece , the guitar is in original condition. Tone is mature and warm but with some lovely sparkle to the high end , with good balance in all...
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1951 Epiphone Emperor Regent

The glory of the Epiphone line, the Emperor was introduced in 1935 as the largest and most costly instrument the company ever made. Epiphone produced several prototype cutaway examples as early as 1941 but for reasons unknown, waited until 1948 to add them to the regular catalog, almost a decade after Gibson started offering the Super 400 with a cutaway. The Emperor Cutaway (or "Regent") model,...
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