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1968 Fender® Dual Showman®

Blackface in Silverface dress. AB763 Circuit, Aluminum "drip edge". One owner. Just serviced by our Tech: New Power Tubes, New caps, Grounded AC cable. Does not have original footswitch but we will supply a high-quality aftermarket replacement. Some minor Tolex rash but otherwise in great condition for being nearly 50. USA shipping only. Please visit our website:
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~1966 Fender® Dual Showman® head

Well used, sounds great.The tube chart only has the letter "A", and since it's not from 1951, I'm guessing it's between 1965-1967
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1966 Fender® Dual Showman® w/JBL speakers


Bay State Vintage Guitars

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1966 Dual Showman with 2x15 JBL speakers LOUD. Come'n get it.
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Big Sound, 1X15 cab features a JBL D140 mounted on a tone ring - 85 watt tube head, dual channels, tremolo, black face, period speaker appears to be original, with covers, VGC+, consignment * Sorry, we no longer ship used amps. In-store sales only! * (SN:A 05080 / L06189) Item ID 130U-10824
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1964 Fender® Showman® Head

Another sweet deal on a vintage Fender head. 1964 Blackface Fender Showman head owned by original Sonics bass player Andy Parypa! Tons of head room, and even more vintage vibe. Has been re-tubed, and has some extra drill holes on the back of the head. Tube chart reads “NJ” dating it to October of 1964, all transformers are original and date to 1964. Tremolo does not currently work, all else...
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1982 Guild® D-212SB

This is one of the great Guild 12-strings of all time (as far as I'm concerned): not quite as big and cumbersome as the more jumbo-size F series, but with an arched back which projects its rich sound much more effectively than its braced flat-back cousins. Some folks may be aware of them because Tom Petty plays one extensively in the "Concert for George" and elsewhere, but the D-212SB is...
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