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1973 Fender® Precision Bass® Fretless

Dark in look, sweet in tone. About the coolest-looking one in years, with a darker-than-usual sunburst finish and a way darker-than-usual rosewood fingerboard, almost looks like ebony. The pickups are original too, with a nice rececnt going-over by Lindy Fralin, the best of the best. All you smooth Fender fretless players out there are going to love this one; the neck is beautifully straight, the...
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1974 Fender® Precision Bass® Fretless

1974 Fender Precision Bass Fretless 1974 Fender Precision Bass Fretless with a rosewood board. SUPER light weight and includes the original hard shell case. This is a vibey bass that has huge low end and a smooth tone thanks to the flat wounds and fretless neck!
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1977 Fender® Fretless Precision Bass®

Used 1977 Fender Fretless Precision Bass. Extra strap button hole. Changed nut. All other parts original. Comes with gigbag.
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Sunburst finish, maple neck coded '78, fretless rosewood board, the pickup (marked 12-38-77), pots (41st week of '76), electronics, bridge, pickguard, tuners and hardware appear all original (although the serial number on the back of the pickguard is not matching, not unusual), newer 1-21/32'' nut, 34'' scale, OHSC, EC, consignment (SN:S753586) Item ID 55U-5458
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1971 Fender® Precision Bass®


Bay State Vintage Guitars

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1971 Fretless Precision Bass - straight neck, active EMG P/J electronics
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1974 Fender® Precision

Fender Precision from 1974 in a natural finish, turned into a fretless in the 70's. Very easy to play (even for bass players not used to fretless), great 70's sound with that "fretless" vibe. Exclusively at Guitare Collection, Paris !
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1974 Fender® Precision

This is a VERY interesting bass. The original Olympic White finish is covered by an overspray – I removed 50% from inder the guard only and its coming off easily. I don’t have the patience to pull it all off. The overspray is quite good and what I see of the orig finish, its in nice shape! Super rare fretless with a ROSEWOOD board. This is a real players bass. Super clean and plays killer. ...
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