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1982 Fender® Stratocaster® Smith

Part of a Smith Strat collection. Maple neck. Light signs of play wear. Includes 1982 Fender Catalogue.
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1982 Fender® Stratocaster®

10-0672. American Fender Stratocaster Smith strat, 2 tone sunburst, hardtail bridge, original cast saddles. 70's style tuners, 5 position switch. A few dings and scratches, but overall great condition.
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1982 Fender® Stratocaster® Strat® O BURST Smith Strat®

A VERY RARE COLOR. This Smith Strat bears the CA serial number. There is some wear, but this guitar is all original except for the tremolo arm. This guitar is not mint, or near mint, but it’s pretty clean. There is wear and some discoloration on the neck edges, there are a few nicks and dings ( a paint chip about ¼”) on the front of the body. A 5 inch scratch on the back, other, smaller nicks and...
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1983 Fender® Stratocaster®,

1983 Fender Stratocaster, "Smith Era", Sunburst finish, with original case, missing tremolo arm, Excellent condition
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1983 Fender® Stratocaster®


Mikes Music

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1983 Fender Stratocaster - the 'Dan Smith' Stratocaster - in a really cool Olympic White finish in excellent condition, with original molded Fender hardshell case. These Smith Strats are really cool, with some really useable and functional features - most notable are some really nice fat frets and a slightly flatter fingerboard radius. Very easy to play, very easy to bend. This Smith Strat is...
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1984 Fender® Stratocaster®

This 1984 Stratocaster is in excellent shape, neck and frets are fine, no wear issues. There are several "marks and dings" here and there, what you would expect from a guitar of this age that has been played and enjoyed. This guitar is mostly original except for two items. The neck plate has been changed to a unit that does not have the hole for the micro-tilt adjustment. The...
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