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1971 Framus Texan 5/196


Mikes Music

(Cinci)513-281-4900 (Covington)859-261-5500
circa 1971 Framus Texan model 5/196 acoustic guitar - made in Germany - in excellent overall condition, with original gold-lined softshell case, serial number 160xx. We believe the stamped D71 indicates a build date of 1971. These old Framus guitars are super quirky and super cool - and this is a nice one. Super playable vintage guitar with a nice bassy response. She features a slender and...
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~1969 Framus Long Neck Seeger style

Nice older model Framus 5 string long neck banjo... Straight neck, no fret wear, original Framus head. Set up ready to play. Original Grover tuners. Has the original Fiberboard alligator grained case in poor, but useable condition....Hard to find....
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1962 Framus 5/95 Doc Williams

Cool and interesting 1962 German-made Framus 5/95 "Doc Williams" model dreadnought. All original parts and in excellent condition. Spruce top with flamey maple back and sides, but they're laminates. Rather odd bridge design, but actually does the trick just fine. High E 12th fret action is medium high at 1/8" , but it's a good player. Not tons of bottom end, but nicely defined tone that is...
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Speck Electronics ASC-V 500

Speck Electronics ASC-V 500 series EqualizerDescription:4-Band Equalizer (500 series VPR Alliance Compatible)Manufacturer Description: The ASC-V is a professional single channel 4-band equalizer in a 5.25 vertical module compatible with API Audio 500 series rack frames. It is simple... it is useful... and it delivers the high quality and specifications found in all Speck Electronics gear. This...
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