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~1959 Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Jr. Amp

Vintage circa 1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Amp. Sounds amazing. Has a dark, crunchy and woody tone excellent for a gritty blues sound. Saturates nicely when cranked, offering a warm, smooth distortion.
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1956 Gibson GA-40

1956 Gibson GA-40, 'Les Paul Model' super clean example in salt-maroon covering. Some excerpts from the '56 Gibson catalog: "Powerful 7 tube chassis, 14 to 16 watt output, 12 inch Jensen Speaker with Alnico number 5 magnets, colorful dark grille of woven saran, a wide range of effects is possible with built in tremolo regulated by separate intensity and frequency controls" Handle replaced...
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1961 Gibson GA-79RVT Multi-Stereo Combo

Ref.# 00322. One of The Best Amps Gibson ever made. The 1961 GA-79RVT Multi-Stereo in Tweed. 203 made and harder than hell to find one as nice as this one owner beauty. 2x15w 2x10" Jensen speakers. Inputs: 2+2 mono and 1 stereo. 2 channels. 2 volume controls. Bass and treble control on each channel. Tremolo has depth and frequency with a separate reverb control, of course...!!! Stereo-Monaural...
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