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1966 Gibson Gibson Double Line, Double Ring Tuners

1966-1970 Gibson double line, double ring tuners. Fits es-335, J-160E, and more. . . [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1955 Gibson J-160E

This Gibson J-160E was made in the USA in the mid 1950's. There is no visible FON, but the pots date to 1955. It is all original except for the tuners. It plays and sounds great. It needs nothing. It comes with a non original case.
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1974 Gibson J-160E Custom

1974 Gibson J-160E Custom - Manufactured 1973-1975 at the Kalamazoo or Nashville plant.
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1974 Gibson J-160E Custom - #201112

Serial Number: A004128 General Description: Manufactured from 1954 to 1979. Flat-top jumbo acoustic, 1 bridge P-90 pickup, tone and volume controls on front, sunburst finish, reintroduced as J-160 in 1990.
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1957 National 1155E

From Gibson to National to you, via the 1950s. National bought completed J-50 bodies from Gibson back then and attached their own necks, with a unique contour, a wonderful peghead shape, Kluson tuners with proprietary way cool button shapes, and a National serial number plate on the back of the peghead; these are some pretty wonderful and unique guitars. This one is the 1155E model with a full...
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