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~1949 Gibson L-5c

1949 Gibson L-5c Sunburst, Excellent, Original Hard, $12,000.00. If you have any trouble reaching me, please email directly to for immediate service. Thanks!
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1949 Gibson L-7CN

The blonde version of Gibson's most popular professional size archtop, the L-7CN was produced only between 1949 and 1959, and is dimensionally identical to the costly L-5C. Gibson never produced more than a few dozen specimens in natural finish in any production year, and blonde guitars constitute only about one in five examples. This guitar is one of only 33 L-7CN guitars made in the first year...
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1997 Gibson Wes Montgomery L5

A TERRIFIC PACKAGE!!! The prototype for the very limited (25) edition of Wes' favorite L5C with the heart inlay on the top; this prototype was hand-crafted directly from Wes' original guitar which Gibson restored in 1996, and very accurate in every detail; original hard leather-covered case and original vintage Gibson canvas case cover; second original Lifton brown hard case; original 1965...
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1979 Gibson Super V CES

Introduced in 1978, Gibson's Super V CES was a premium grade archtop that combined a number of Gibson' best loved designs. The Super V offered Super 400 styling on the more manageable 17" body of the L-5C, along with the solid carved body, long scale, parallel bracing, and all gold hardware. Unavailable since 1993, this rare top-shelf model has developed an insider's following in the years...
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~1962 Gibson L-5CTN, 'Lonesome George'

'Lonesome George' Gobel began his career as a child cowboy singer on the National Barn Dance on Chicago's WLS radio. Turning to comedy after the war, Gobel became a national celebrity in the '50s, hosting a popular variety show on NBC-TV. Though featured with his Super 400, the diminutive entertainer was dwarfed by its massive body, and asked Gibson for a custom instrument better suited to his...
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