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1978 Gibson RD Artist


Mikes Music

(Cinci)513-281-4900 (Covington)859-261-5500
1978 Gibson RD Artist electric guitar in GLOSS BLACK FINISH with the Artist MOOG electronics - serial number 71358xxx - with original Gibson red lined hardshell case, all in very good condition. This Vintage RD Artist is 100% stock and original with original large and fat frets, and is a solid 8 out of 10 in terms of condition. This RD has been played, for sure, but not abused. There are...
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2003 Gibson Custom Shop Gary Rossington Les Paul R9

On the road where I grew up, Jaillette Rd, there was a guy up the street that was a little older than the rest of of us and his name was Paul Wilson. He had really red hair and as I recall, the temper to go with it, but he was a huge rock music fan. Whenever a new record came out, he was the first (and sometimes only) guy on our street to get it and he would play these on a big, long, wooden...
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