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1973 Gretsch Deluxe Chet 7680

Here's a fairly rare guitar - a Baldwin era Gretsch Deluxe Chet Model 7680 archtop electric guitar in Autumn Red finish. In walnut finish, this was the 7681. The Gretsch Deluxe Chet was built between 1972 and 1974 as a simplified version of the Super Chet. The Gretsch Deluxe Chet is a fully hollow archtop with longitudinal tone bars and a wide post under the bridge. The top features bound...
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Other (Miscellanous Used/Vintage/Consign) 6120

Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville Model 6120 - 1969 #69332 -UsedDescription:A highly playable, inimitable piece of music history! This one sounds so good you'll forget what year it is ;) What we think:A truly classic instrument transported to our showroom from the golden years of rock and country. It plays and sounds lovely and the pickup configuration has a huge range of tonal color to offer. I was...
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