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Other (Miscellanous Used/Vintage/Consign) Golden Eagle Custom

Heritage 2012 Golden Eagle Custom Lefty Archtop Guitar- UsedDescription:Exquisite pre-owned custom golden eagle LEFTY from Heritage! What we think:This is a wonderful instrument. Big, dynamic acoustic tone with the feed-back resistance of a set seth lover pickup. Couple that with block inlays and amber tone and volume knobs on the body and you've got some classy custom features. This is a dream...
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1998 Heritage H-576

This guitar is absolutely stunning to look at, plays amazingly well and sounds fantastic! Made in the old Gibson Kalamazoo factory like they used to do. It is a full hollow body with Schaller pickups. bridge and tailpiece and Grover tuners. It utilizes a 24.5" scale and has a somewhat tin neck designed to appeal to jazz players but don't be fooled. This guitar can do it all. A few tiny dings...
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