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1958 Kay Barney Kessel Jazz Special

As if a Gibson L-5, mated with a 50's toaster oven, right? You can't possibly describe a Kay Barney without mentioning the Kelvinator headstock. You may not know this, but you didn't see this beyond 1960. The Plexiglas headstock overlay, that is. As if the engineers for this model ate mushrooms while watching "Forbidden Planet." You remember that movie right? 'The Tempest' in outer space. Headed...
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~1965 Kay / Old Kraftsman Jazz II Vintage Archtop Electric Guitar Barney Kessel

Up for sale, a 1960s Kay Jazz II in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Produced under the "Old Kraftsman" brand, this guitar was a Kay made specifically for sale via the Spiegel mail order catalog, and is otherwise identical to its Kay branded counterparts in terms of build quality, electronics, and hardware. One of Kay's top tier offerings, this Jazz II features a pair of Gibson...
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1957 Harmony Roy Smeck H56 Vintage Hollowbody Electric Guitar Gibson P-13

Up for sale, an early 1957 Harmony Roy Smeck H56 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This vintage USA made archtop features a fully hollow birch body with a single factory installed Gibson P-13 single coil pickup. Finished in its original Midnight Blue nitro lacquer, this early Roy Smeck Harmony model has white plastic accents and a clear, vibrant acoustic tone. The P-13 pickup...
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1945 Epiphone Deluxe

Introduced in 1931 in the debut of the Epiphone archtop catalog, the Deluxe model was the top of the line in every respect. From the vine peghead inlay to the signature clouds in the fingerboard, the Deluxe represented a pinnacle of art-deco design, with power to burn on the bandstand. The maple body shows the spectacular figured maple typical of the model, and especially so for the blondes, for...
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2005 Gibson Byrdland Custom Shop & Historic

No. 22375002 Its not everyday that we get lightly used Florentine Gibson Custom Shop Byrdlands, but when we do they are absolutely gorgeous like this Byrdland! With a smooth and crisp playing low action height, theres not a note too far out of reach. Not to mention its lush, eye grabbing vintage sunburst finish on solid Spruce. This lady shows almost no sign of fret wear and just a half dozen...
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~1958 Huttl ? Framus? archtop acoustic

Super cool jazz guitar made in Germany probably by Wolfgang Huttl, circa 1956-1960. One of the more bizarre arch-tops produced in the golden era of guitar production and a real looker too! She has what it takes to stand out in a crowd; looks, nice tonal range and great projection by the addition of an extra sound hole! …..AND TONS OF MOJO!!! Check out her gorgeous checker binding and that...
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2016 Godin 5th Avenue CW HB

New Godin 5th Avenue CW HB The latest model in the 5th Avenue line-up features a Cutaway body design and the added sounds of two Godin humbucker pickups delivering all that classic, vintage tone with presence, clarity and a little attitude thrown in for good measure! With the soul of a 1950’s archtop, the 5th Avenue is a true vintage...
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1937 Wilkanowski -

Retrofret Stock # 5279. Wilkanowski Arch Top Acoustic Guitar (1937), made in Brooklyn, NY, shaded varnish finish, Lombardy poplar back and sides; spruce top, gig bag case. This is one of the most interesting and unusual American guitars ever created, and a true (if eccentric) classic of the arch-top era. Willi Wilkanowski was a well-known successful Brooklyn violin builder who beginning around...
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1939 Gibson L-5 PN

Retrofret Stock # 6878. Gibson L-5 PN Model Arch Top Acoustic Guitar (1939), made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, serial # EA-5577, natural lacquer finish, burl maple back, flame maple sides with spruce top; laminated maple neck with ebony fingerboard, original tweed hard shell case. This guitar is both a fantastic playing and sounding instrument and an important piece of Gibson history-one of the...
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Other (Miscellanous Used/Vintage/Consign) 6161

Gretsch 1959 6161 Guitar Amp #T25161 - VintageDescription:A rare and wonderful Gretsch 6161 that's been given a tuneful tune-up by amp guru Tim Ristau!What we think:Condition: Used, Great This amp has vintage mojo to spare! From light and airy to big and beefy, this baby will deliver it all. This 6161 also features one of the most unique tremolo circuits I've heard--it can go from slow, deep and...
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1935 Gibson Nick Lucas Special

FON 1390A. Gibson’s 14 fret maple Nick Lucas Special is considered by those who are lucky enough to have played or owned one to be among the finest sounding acoustic guitar models ever built. So few were made, though, that most of players have not been able to develop a first-hand opinion. Many followers of our website will be familiar with the earlier Nick Lucas versions – those built between...
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2012 Paul Reed Smith (PRS) McCarty Hollow Body II Artist Package with Piezo

9.9 of 10 Condition (1 tiny superficial ding on top) - PRS/LR Baggs piezo pickup system lets you blend natural acoustic tone WITH your humbuckers. - PRS V12 finish feels like nitro and protects like acrylic. Pattern profile neck feels great and provides you with ultra-smooth action. The PRS/LR Baggs piezo pickup system onboard the Hollowbody II electric guitar gives you access to the...
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1985 Fender® D'Aquisto Standard

Summary: Released as the flagship models of Fender’s “Master Series” in the eighties, these high end archtop jazz guitars were designed by acclaimed luthier James D’Aquisto and built to his exacting specifications in Japan. Body: Full hollow body. Maple arched top, arched back and sides. Multi-ply bound top and back. Single cutaway. Neck: Three-piece maple with bound rosewood fretboard....
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Other (Miscellanous Used/Vintage/Consign) Golden Eagle Custom

Heritage 2012 Golden Eagle Custom Lefty Archtop Guitar- UsedDescription:Exquisite pre-owned custom golden eagle LEFTY from Heritage! What we think:This is a wonderful instrument. Big, dynamic acoustic tone with the feed-back resistance of a set seth lover pickup. Couple that with block inlays and amber tone and volume knobs on the body and you've got some classy custom features. This is a dream...
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~1935 Oahu jumbo

Though this guitar bears no Oahu marking of any kind it does have the Oahu headstock shape and the body shape and dimensions match those of some of the Oahu jumbos of the 30s, so I'm going with attribution to Oahu. The guitar has a lower bout width of 15 5/8” and body depth of 3 3/8”, the scale is 25.4”. The top is solid spruce and is flat, the back and sides are maple (difficult to say if they...
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1949 Epiphone Triumph Regent, Rare Factory Pickguard Pickup

In June of 1948, Gibson debuted a "Finger Rest Pickup" on an L-7 model at the NAMM music industry trade show. This unit, now known as the "McCarty" pickup after Gibson's chief engineer, incorporated one or two floating P-90 pickups into a custom pickguard designed to convert acoustic archtops for electric play. Around the same time, one of the Epiphone partners, Frixo, designed a double floating...
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1933 Bacon & Day Senorita

Bacon & Day were huge into banjos, but covered their flank with guitars too, and some interesting ones at that. This one would have been one of the earliest, so much so it has a label visible through the sound hole that was produced on a typewriter! Carved top and arched back, and a fairly fat girth to the body. The tuners date it post-1932, and they weren’t in a catalogue I found, in 1935,...
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