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Ibanez Used Ibanez SR300 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Metallic Forest

Looking for quality and value? This pre-owned, in excellent condition Ibanez SR300 is the right choice with uncompromised features and unmatched affordability. It features the same-SR smooth and fast neck, reinforced with 5pc Maple/Rosewood woods, of much more expensive basses. The sleek arched lightweight Agathis body gives you excellent playing comfort. The CAP EXF-N2 pickups lend some serious...
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Fender® Cyber Twin Head with Showman® 412S Stereo Cabinet

This Fender Cyber Twin Head # M1290062 and is as versatile as they come. This is a tube powered (2 Groove Tubes) solid-state (yes, I said that) that really booms with 130 watts into a stack (65x2). Has 1 true channel although the optional 4 button switch allows it to act as 4 channels, each having their individual settings making it extremely versatile. Along with the 20 some-odd Fender amps as...
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