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~1965 Silvetone 1448 Guitar with Amp-in-Case

This c1965 Silvertone 1448 is in very good condition, the neck and frets are fine, there are some “nicks and scratches” about the body, the volume control knob is missing its label. Overall the expected amount of patina for its age. The amp-case is also in very good condition and fully functional. The Danelectro Amp-In-Case, properly known as...
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Fender® Cyber Twin Head with Showman® 412S Stereo Cabinet

This Fender Cyber Twin Head # M1290062 and is as versatile as they come. This is a tube powered (2 Groove Tubes) solid-state (yes, I said that) that really booms with 130 watts into a stack (65x2). Has 1 true channel although the optional 4 button switch allows it to act as 4 channels, each having their individual settings making it extremely versatile. Along with the 20 some-odd Fender amps as...
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1969 Marshall Super Tremolo 100W

Iain Ashley Hersey's Marshall 100 Watt Plexi Head 1969 Marshall Super Tremolo 100W A 1969 100 watt Marshall Super Tremolo-100 Plexi Head (Model 1959 Super Lead). Dimensions: Width: 29 inches Height: 11 1/2 inches (including rubber feet) Depth: 8 1/4 inches Weight: 43 lbs. Specifications: Tubes: Preamp - 4 x 12AX7A/7025; Output - 4 x GT-EL34Ls Output transformer: "DE T4145B" Power...
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