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1982 Marshall Model 4210 JCM 800 Combo

Great Sounding 1982 Marshall JMC 800 Combo Model 4120. This amp was made in the Uk in 1982 and is a great sounding Marshall combo amp. The amp is all original and working and sounding great.
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~1996 Marshall JCM 900 1X12 4501 Combo

Nice all tube channel switching , reverb, Marshall 1X12 4501 combo. Spring tank reverb, 2X EL34's . A little wear and tear , but not beat. 50 Marshall watts to pick up and go. Can get a JCM 800 sound, or more gain depending on how you set it. Add a 4X12 cab and it gets big stage worth quick. High/low switch for that great Marshall sound at a lower volume , bargain priced to sell!
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~1990 Marshall JCM900 50 watt 2-12 Combo Hi Gain Dual Reverb


Mikes Music

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Circa 1990s Marshall JCM900 50 watt Hi Gain Dual Reverb 2/12 Combo Amp in excellent condition. These 900s are tremendously under-rated amps. This particular one belonged to a monster local player here in town, and he had this Marshall rebiased for EL34 tubes - so she has that classic Marshall thump and crunch in the first channel, and searing overdriven and sustaining lead tone in the second...
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