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1972 Marshall JMP 50 Watt head

Point-point wiring, modded by Cesar Diaz to include a multi-tap Fender Power Transformer- like the ones he used on his own amps, wired for 6L6s and now has KT-66s for higher plate voltage, revoicing of pre-amp, modded bias circuit, minor compnent changes, thinned out Bass channel, shared cathode. From the "Cesar Diaz Last Great...
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Marshall JMP Half Stack

An Incredible Clean Custom Color 50 Watt JMP with Matching 4x12.
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1970 Marshall 50 watt head box

MARSHALL 50 WATT TUBE GUITAR AMP HEAD BOX CABINET EARLY 70'S VINTAGE & RARE Measurements are as follow's. Front to back mounting screws 4 10/16ths inch. Side to side 17 14/16ths inch. Face plate opening side to side is 16 8/16ths. LARGE 50 WATT BOX READY FOR THAT PROJECT. SAFELY PACKED. PLEASE CALL 937-613-0690 World wide shipping available by request
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2016 Marshall AS50D ACOUSTIC AMP

50 Watt Acoustic Soloist combo, 2X8'' speakers with piezo tweeter, specially voiced for acoustic instruments, two channels, with digital reverb, chorus, effects loop, notch filter, separate EQ for each channel, RCA input jacks, phase switch, phantom powered microphone channel, line outs and master volume. Item ID AS50D. 6 photos at http://www.elderly.com/new_instruments/items/AS50D.htm
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2005 Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp

Super clean barely used. All controls knobs /buttons work. One push button has a slight amount of static when depressed. Compact system as suitable for small gigs as it is at home. The Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp is a 50W dedicated acoustic combo featuring 2 channels, each with its own volume and tone controls. A variety of inputs gives it the flexibility to accommodate any acoustic...
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~2013 Marshall AS50R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp is a 50W dedicated acoustic combo featuring 2 channels, each with its own volume and tone controls. A variety of inputs gives it the flexibility to accommodate any acoustic instrument and a microphone. A pair of phono inputs on channel 2 allows the use of backing tracks. It features built-in chorus assignable to either or both channels, plus reverb and an effects...
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2001 Marshall AVT50 1x12 Combo

2001 Marshall AVT50 1x12 Combo is in excellent condition and perfect playing order. This simply designed amplifier, brings a punch wherever it goes. 50 watts, 2-channel amp that's footswitchable between clean and dirty tones, it did not come with the footswitch, and is loaded with a spring reverb tank to help fill the room with lush reverberations and add an extra somethin'-somethin' to your...
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Marshall MG50CFX 50W 1X12 Combo Amp 4 Channel w/ FX

MG50CFX Description: 50 Watt 1x12 combo w/ 4 programmable channels, FX, MP3 input - two-way footswitch included Overview: A step up from the MG15 and MG30 combos, the MG50CFX is a gig-worthy amp with four channels: Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2, driven by famed Marshall solid-state tonal circuitry, and features our innovative speaker damping (FDD) technology. It has an impressive...
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1984 Marshall 4104 2X12 JCM 800 Combo

Nice 2XEL34 50 watt JCM 800 combo. 2X12 Celestion Greenback speakers, freshly re-conned. Amp recently serviced, straight ahead Marshall Tone!!! Clean overall, about 8.5+ condition. 2 extra holes in the back pannel for an effects loop, probably. About the price of a good head. Hard to find amp.
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Very nice Selmer 50 watt head with the sought after copper panel. This is the amp that sounds like a Plexi Marshall but at a fraction of the cost. Completely original amp and cabinet with original transformers etc. Plexi panel in lovely condition. Some scuffs and tears on the cabinet and some scratches on the copper panel. This is the version with the 110v switch on the transformer and the built...
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1973 Marshall 1987 Super Lead 50w Head

1973 Marshall 1987 Super Lead 50 Watt Head is in excellent condition and perfect playing order. It had the EL34 tubes pulled out and is currently running 6L6 power tubes, the bias resisitor was also replaced to accommodate the different current requirements of the 6L6s. While all the transformers are original, the majority of the internal wire was replaced. The amp has been entirely...
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1969 Marshall Super Tremolo 100W

Iain Ashley Hersey's Marshall 100 Watt Plexi Head 1969 Marshall Super Tremolo 100W A 1969 100 watt Marshall Super Tremolo-100 Plexi Head (Model 1959 Super Lead). Dimensions: Width: 29 inches Height: 11 1/2 inches (including rubber feet) Depth: 8 1/4 inches Weight: 43 lbs. Specifications: Tubes: Preamp - 4 x 12AX7A/7025; Output - 4 x GT-EL34Ls Output transformer: "DE T4145B" Power...
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1986 Marshall JCM800 2204 50 Watt Head

Smoking clean 1986 JCM800 in more desirable wheat grill front and even more desirable 50 watt 2204 version! This head sounds ridiculous and has no issues. Just serviced and ready to go. This amp is clean! Please email or call with any questions.
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1973 Marshall Model 1987 MKII 50 Watt 1973

This amp is truly one of the best sounding Marshalls we've had in a very long time. This more desirable 6550 version sounds completely balanced, has tremendous output and no mods. Great sounding mids and bottom with absolute clarity. A fantastic example of the an early / first year PCB model. Please email or call with any questions.
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1998 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL50 Dual Super Lead

This 1998 Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 serial number M-1998-21-2981-B is in excellent condition, fully functional and cosmetically clean with just a few small marks here and there, really quite nice! As with most Marshall amps you have to experience the tone and power to understand what these icons are all about. In this instance we are going to go with how Marshall ...
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1978 Marshall 50 Watt Master Model Mk 2 Lead 2-12 Combo


Mikes Music

(Cinci)513-281-4900 (Covington)859-261-5500
RARE 1978 Marshall 50 watt Master Model Mk 2 Lead 2-12 Combo Amp in RARE FAWN TOLEX - in overall excellent condition for its age, serial number S/A 08935K. This is a killer vintage Marshall combo in a super rare custom tolex color: Fawn. This is a great one to gig with and a great one for the collection, as well. She has her original Celestion G12M 25 watt blackback speakers, which are...
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1990 Marshall JCM 900 mod. 2502 MK III 50 watt Hi Gain Master Volume 2 X 12 combo

This amp has been recently serviced and sounds great. It’s in average used condition, but is missing the upper back panel, and one of the plastic feet. There is no footswitch.
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1976 Marshall 50 watt lead

Marshall MK II 50 watt lead amplifier head model 1987 for sale at Greg's Guitars Atlanta, Officially designated the model number 1987 . Big box small chassis version well kept and not abused, Presently being checked by our amp guy . Only non original part is new power cord. Re biased for EL34 tubes and got rid of the 6550 tubes for a more mellow Plexi tone.Plexi tone without the plexi...
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Marshall NEW DSL40C

NEW Marshall DSL40C 40 watt all tube combo for electric guitar. Something new out of the DSL, a real clean first channel. You'll be blown away as to the first Marshall amp that delivers clean tone. Grooling distortion to sparkling clean Marshall tone, all in one 40 watt combo. The first channel is the clean channel, you'll also be able to adjust a gain to your clean setting to get classic rock...
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Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee - Head

The Silver Jubilee Series was created in 1987 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Marshall Amplification and the 50th year of Jim Marshall being in the music business, hence the Silver Jubilee’s original ’25/50′ designation.The limited edition all-valve Silver Jubilee amplifiers looked stunning in silver vinyl covering with chrome-plated control panel. Based on JCM800 2203 and...
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Ace Pepper Custom Amps Topfuel 50

The Topfuel 50 is ace Peppers idea of the perfect modded Plexi style amp. Ace has been designing, building, and repairing amps in San Marcos Texas for quite a while and has come up with this model as this idea of the perfect 50 watt marshal style head. Ace has redesigned his amazing sounding master volume circuit yet again to make an extremely natural and musical master that even sounds good at...
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1975 Vintage Marshall 50W LEAD & BASS 2x12 COMBO

This Marshall model 2100 from '75 is loaded with 2 all original Celestion blackbacks and was a special mail order amp. Not many in circulation, these compact amps delivered 'blues breaker' crunch and are great gigging or recording amps when you want to just grab one rig and run. Point to point vs circuit board...? Who cares! It sounds killllller!! Fully serviced and ready to go on 120V. More pics...
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2012 Gibson Jim Marshall 50th Anniversary Tom Murphy Aged 57 Gold Top

Hello everyone and thanks for looking....Selling a 2012 Gibson Custom Shop Jim Marshall 50th Anniversary 1957 Gold Top Reissue. 1 of 50 Made and Aged by Tom Murphy..this is #27...Great Guitar and Highly sought after and very Collectable. This was offered as a set with a Marshall JTM Bluesbreaker Combo. This is for the Guitar only. The Amp is available and if interested I will Sell as a Set or...
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Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Marshall 50th Anniversary

Heads up, collectors! An absolutely beautiful take on a 1957 Les Paul. The sustain and tonal character of this guitar is nothing short of amazing - the Mahogany body has that familiar midrange bark that makes this LP sound alive. The wood feels and behaves like a true vintage instrument that's been properly broken in, played and loved for decades. Moreover, the Goldtop finish might be one of the...
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Satellite Amps Barracuda

Satellite “Barracuda” Head in “Stealth Blue” just arrived from Adam Grimm and the folk from Satellite Amps in San Diego. Adams amps are simple, easy to use, vintage inspired tone makers that are reminiscent of some of the great vintage amps but have real power and punch. Very organic sounding, sort of like a Valco from the 50’s but more gig friendly. The Barracuda is a 45 watt head powered by two...
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2009 Hudson Electronics Gospel Bomb CV7005 #19

2009 Hudson Electronics Gospel Bomb is in excellent condition and perfect playing order. Loaded wtih NOS CV7005 germanium transistors. The Gospel Bomb is a tweaked version of the classic ‘Rangemaster’ germanium boost. This pedal will kick the front end of your amp into high gear and send you into tonal bliss. Any tube amp that has a pretty sensitive preamp section will light up when you drop the...
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