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~1969 MICROFRETS Signature

Crazy clean time capsule vintage circa 1969 Microfrets Signature model electric double pickup. Remarkably clean condition. Like an under the bed time capsule. Beautiful original Blonde finish. Super rare color. Plays and sounds fantastic. Has that jangle tone like a Rickenbacker. Comes with original case that is also crazy clean even has the original key.
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1970 MICROFRETS Signiture

Made in Maryland, USA, this 1970 Micro-frets signature has many of the technical innovations that make these instruments so interesting. No FM transmitter for this model line, but just about everything else is present and correct. The adjustable ‘Micro Nut’ and ‘Micro-Sonic Bridge’ allow for perfect intonation from both ends of the fret-board. Pretty unusual, but it does keep all of the strings...
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