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1937 National "piano finish" Duolian

#B2827 Super clean on the front except for small flaking on the resonator cover. Super Rare "piano finish" Duolian from the late thirties with mojo and resonance unlike many that turn up these days. A metal can that still has that beautiful sustain, reverberation and sizzle of a classic vibrato. It shows little wear on the front but more on the back. Surprise: no sign of pick guard staining.
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1936 National "piano finish" brown Duolian

#2296 This guitar has a new neck for wonderful finger-style and it has a wonderfully mar-free body. Neck has customary wear marks as do the body edges but no unsightly stain where pick guard once sat (it must have been removed immediately upon purchase). I think this is an exceptional find for its age. It must not have been played very often.
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