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~1965 Kay / Old Kraftsman Jazz II Vintage Archtop Electric Guitar Barney Kessel

Up for sale, a 1960s Kay Jazz II in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Produced under the "Old Kraftsman" brand, this guitar was a Kay made specifically for sale via the Spiegel mail order catalog, and is otherwise identical to its Kay branded counterparts in terms of build quality, electronics, and hardware. One of Kay's top tier offerings, this Jazz II features a pair of Gibson...
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2002 Guild® Benedetto Johnny Smith Award

Wouldn't finding the perfect and most balanced guitar in the world be like a Shogun finding the perfect katana? Or, shall I say the Katana, or guitar finding you? If you know your Japanese history, then undoubtedly you've heard of Masamune. He was the finest sword maker Japan has ever known. Masamune's "piece de resistance" was the The Honjo Masamune. This particular sword represented the...
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1966 Gibson/Epiphone FT-85 "Serenader"

Gibson introduced the B-25-12 in 1962 as a kind of junior partner to the dreadnought B-45-12 (introduced in 1961), with the same solid spruce top with X-bracing, and solid mahogany back, sides, and neck. It had full body binding, a simple one-stripe rosette, a rosewood bridge, a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay, a blackface headstock with a screened or decal logo and six-on-a-plate nickel...
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Used, Vintage, Trade Ins, Etc... Golden Eagle Custom

Heritage 2012 Golden Eagle Custom Lefty Archtop Guitar- UsedDescription:Exquisite pre-owned custom golden eagle LEFTY from Heritage! What we think:This is a wonderful instrument. Big, dynamic acoustic tone with the feed-back resistance of a set seth lover pickup. Couple that with block inlays and amber tone and volume knobs on the body and you've got some classy custom features. This is a dream...
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1992 Alvarez-Yairi DY-45AV

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME! When Kazuo Yairi began designing and hand-crafting these guitars in the 1960’s, he was deliberately competing with Martin, Gibson, and Guild for the higher end guitar market in the U.S. This DY-45 AV model is an example of the quality and sound which he was able to produce using the highest quality materials, the best Japanese craftsmen, and his own modifications...
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Gibson Used Gibson Tribute to Les Paul Electric Guitar Bullion Gold

This is a fantastic tribute to the man that started it all. The person responsible for all of our fantastic tones, and just one of the all-around iconic inventors of all-time, Mr. Lester William Polsfuss. The one and only, Les Paul.The Gibson Tribute to Les Paul goes way back to the first incarnation of the Les Paul Model, with an all-around Bullion Gold finish, solid Mahogany body, Maple top,...
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2015 Heritage H-157CM Custom

Another American Classic Guitar that is made in America by the fine people at Heritage Guitars Inc. These H-157CM are top of the line solid body guitars, THIS GUITAR IS NOT WEIGHT RELIEVED and weighs in at a light 8 3/4 pounds. Many guitar makers have moved to CNC machines to mass produce guitars, save time, lower costs and eliminate the need for skilled luthiers... not Heritage, this is a...
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