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2015 Peavey Max-112

Peavey MAX112 Bass Amp Combo If you're tired of lugging around heavy gear to small gigs and rehearsals try plugging in to the MAX® 112. Peavey's exclusive HyperVent™ system is designed to push bass to the front of the cabinet so the full bass output of the speaker is realized. With 35 Watts of power and backed with Peavey's own DDT™ speaker protection circuitry, you're free to play all night...
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2016 Peavy Mini Max

Tired of lugging around your SVT head or bass rack? Need more room in the trunk, or to fit an amp in the overhead bin of an airplane? Peavey's MiniMax bass amplifier head packs a punch - in a diminutive package. How do they pack 500 watts of bone-rattling power into a chassis that weighs under six pounds and fits in your backpack? Cutting-edge technology - that's how. But the MiniMax story...
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2008 Paul Reed Smith CE 24

This 2008 Paul Reed Smith CE 24 serial number 8CE33398 is in excellent condition, neck and frets are fine, cosmetically quite clean. This instrument shows very little playing time, presents well. The PRS CE 24 was introduced in 1988 and features a double-cut away carved maple-topped, mahogany body. Early production and later production models after 2000...
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2014 Peavey VSX26 rackmount

The VSX 26 is a fully progammable 32-bit audio processing and louspeaker management control system. Considerably more powerful than similarly priced units, the VSX 26 provides a versatile and economical alternative for system designers. Features 48 kHz sample rate, 24-bit 256x over-sampled Delta-Sigma AD, DA USB A & B ports for memory storage and computer interface (PC and Mac)...
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~2013 Peavey Delta Blues 115

This c2013 Peavey Delta Blues 115 serial number 003BDB0750244 is in excellent condition. Cosmetically this amp is very clean as the pictures show. These are one of the best sounding non-boutique amps ever made. It is our main amp for demoing guitars in EVERY price range, right up to the top. The Delta Blues features all tube construction...
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