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2001 Warwick Thumb Bass Bolt-On

Used 2001 Warwick (GDR) Thumb Bass Bolt-on. Made in Germany. Ovankol back and neck. Bubinga top. Wenge fingerboard. Two MEC pickups. Active electronics. Oil finish. No case or bag.
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2008 Warwick Corvette Standard Unlined Fretless Electric Bass Guitar w/gb

Up for sale, a 2008 Warwick Corvette Standard fretless bass in excellent condition and perfect working order. Boasting many of the features that have put Warwick on the map, such as the use of exotic hardwoods, MEC pickups and electronics, and completely unique body styles, the Corvette features a multi-ply ovangkol bolt-on neck and a solid bubinga body. Sort of a middle ground between Warwick's...
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