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Z VEX Lo-Fi Loop Junky

What it does and features it has: 1] Records up to 20 seconds of your performance. 2] Allows you to initiate and finish a recording at any moment with a stomp switch, when activated. 3] Begins looping a few thousandths of a second after the record process is finished. 4] Remembers your loop even when unplugged or with the battery removed, for up to 100 years. 5] Has true bypass. 6] The...
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Real time Lo-Fi sound can now be yours! Includes controls for volume, tone, compression/lo-fi, speed, depth and a 3-position waveform switch. You can get some cool sounds by varying the compression/lo-fi knob for compressed, chorusy or Lo-Fi textures. Silver housing, powered by 9V battery (included) or optional AC power supply. Final assembly done in Taiwan. Item ID VILFJ. 1 photo at...
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Zvex Instant Lo Fi Junky One Off

Brand New Hand Painted Instant Lo-Fi Junky from the geniuses at ZVex. This is one of the best sounding, and most versatile lo-fi pedals we have ever used, with an added touch of modulation and compression. This is a custom hand painted version! You use pedals to express yourself and your creativity, why not also do that with a custom hand painted enclosure? Makes sense to us! From...
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