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1960 National Debonaire

1960 National Debonaire. Rare factory black. Late model. Autographed by John Hiatt. Neck pickup rewound. Comes with hardshell case.
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Satin rust finish, double bound mahogany body, lattice soundholes, 12 fret round mahogany neck, bound ebony fretboard, dot inlays, 19 frets, color-matched hand-painted coverplate, three 6'' diameter swirl embossed National cones seated in a special wooden pan with T-bar bridge, classic tailpiece, slotted headstock features shield logo decal, 3-on-a-plate tuners, 1-13/16'' nut, 25-3/4'' scale,...
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1948 National 1155

1948 National 1155 in excellent condition. These guitars were a collaboration between National-Valco and Gibson. The bodies were made by Gibson and identical to the J-45 of the era and the rest was done by National. The neck is similar in profile to an early 1960s Gibson. It is thin for the era with almost no taper but has a 1 3/4" nut width and 2 1/4" string spacing. The body is solid...
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1948 National 1160

1948 National 1160 in excellent condition. This model was essentially a rebranded Gibson LG-3 made for National. It was only made for one year like this with the set neck. This one is all original right down to the case and packing slip from when it shipped to the music store. It has had a neck reset and a few brace ends reglued. The neck is a large round profile with 1 3/4" nut width and 2...
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1936 National Duolian

Beatifull National Duolian from 1936 in the famous "Frosted Duco" finish. This resonator is in a very good shape, especially considering it is 80 years old ! It looks stunning and as it was well known for at the time, sounds amazing and very very loud, with deep and warm sounds. It was perfectly set up when it got in the shop and very easy to play; Our luthier told us not to touch...
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1959 National Town & Country

This National Town & Country was made in the USA in 1959. It shows normal play wear, lots of pick scratches, dings and dents, but there is no structural damage. It is all original and it plays and sounds great. It has been pro-setup in our shop and needs nothing. It comes with the original case.
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2000 National Delphi

Copper finish on steel body, round neck, slotted headstock, 12 frets to the body, bound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, biscuit bridge, single 9.5 spun resonator, 1.825" at nut, near mint condition, sounds awesome, set up and ready to play, comes with the original hard case. $1750 Go to for more photos.
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1995 National Style O

Brass body with beautiful etched Hawaiin scene on top and back, round neck, 12 frets to the body, slotted headstock, bound ebony fingerboard with dot inlay, shows some playing wear on top and back, sounds fantastic, loud and honkey, save compared to new, comes with the original hard case. $2250 Go to for more photos.
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2016 National ''STYLE O'' UKULELE & CASE

The classic. Concert resonator uke with 7-1/16'' lower bout, 15'' scale, wonderful nickel-plated brass body with etched Hawaiian scenes on front and back, mahogany neck, 1-3/8'' nut width, ivoroid-bound ebony fretboard meets the body at the 14th fret, pearl dot inlays, black peghead overlay with block ''NATIONAL'' inscribed in white, 6'' resonator cone with sieve coverplate, includes shaped...
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1947 National New Yorker Lap Steel

>>                      ~~~  GET THIS ONE BEFORE IT'S GONE ~~~                                     *** $995  ***                             ////^^^ BEST IN THE WEST ^^^\\\\ PLEASE CALL FOR A COMPLETE HANDS ON DESCRIPTION. Ref:# 00403. Original 1947 NATIONAL NEW YORKER LAP STEEL GUITAR w/ORIGINAL HARD SHELL CASE & CABLE...!!! Weighs In At About...
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1929 National Triolian

The National Triolian appeared in 1928, using a single cone design with a wood body for the first year, followed by a stamped and painted metal body. This wonderful piece is a very early example of the National Triolian, dating to late 1928 or 1929 featuring a wooden body, unbound 12-fret neck with maple fingerboard and slotted peghead. The painted polychrome finish appears original, though...
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1936 National Triolian metal body

1936 National Triolian metal-body mandolin in good condition. Painted faux-wood finish has a number of chips and dings, and there is some corrosion under the replaced pickguard from the original one, but it's otherwise original, and plays well. LOUD! With original, beat-up softshell case. Very cool piece!
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~1930 National Model B

Here's a nifty little amp from the 30's! National Model B dobro amp. Original 12" speaker. Head stores inside the cabinet for easy transport. Tons of mojo with this guy. This amp has been recently serviced by our local amp tech and is in great playing shape. Cleans are surprisingly big and clear on this amp and the drive tones are stellar!
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2016 National Resolectric

Black Burst on mahogany body, unbound rosewood fretboard with dot Inlays, single P-90 pickup, 1.73" at nut, killer guitar, really fun to play, great for blues or country slide stuff, nothing quite like it, comes with a new hard case. $Call For Price. Go to for more photos.
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1949 National Model 1220 Combo Amp

Vintage original 1949 National Model 1220 Combo Amp. Sounds incredible. Fully serviced with 3-prong chord. Original Rola Field Coil speaker sounds killer. Sounds like Neal Young. Screaming tone when cranked. This is among the best little guitar amps we've ever heard.
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1959 National TWIN TONE

Very cool Valco built amp, 2 X 11X6 (oval Rolas) - 5 watt combo, 1 x 6V6 power section, 2 tone tolex scheme, VGC+ (new 3 prong AC cable installed) * Sorry, we no longer ship used amps. In-store sales only! * (SN:550-12) Item ID 130U-2073
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~1930 National Triolian Polychrome Vintage Steel Bodied Resonator Mandolin

Up for sale, a 1930's National Triolian Polychrome resonator mandolin in lovingly restored condition. This mandolin, has been stripped down to its bare steel body, although traces of the original yellowish green "polychrome" finish can still be seen adjacent to the tailpiece. Professionally setup and benefitting from a fresh neck reset, this National positively sings with a throaty and clear tone...
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2002 National Style-0

2002 Style 0 in excellent condition, with original hardshell case.
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Satin rust finish, double bound mahogany body, lattice soundholes, 12 fret square mahogany neck, bound ebony fretboard, dot inlays, 19 frets, color-matched hand-painted coverplate, three 6'' diameter swirl embossed National cones seated in a special wooden pan with T-bar bridge, classic tailpiece, slotted headstock features shield logo decal, 3-on-a-plate tuners, 2'' nut, 25-3/4'' scale, Superior...
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2000 National DELPHI

Cobalt steel blue baked finish on steel body, segmented f-holes, 12 fret round mahogany neck, bound rosewood fretboard, dot markers, 19 frets, biscuit bridge, 9-1/2'' resonator cone, ribbed sieve coverplate, classic tailpiece, slotted headstock features shield logo, 3-on-a-plate tuners, killer tone, 1-13/16'' nut, 25'' scale, Freedom HSC, EC, consignment (SN:819) Item ID 50U-2687
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2004 National Style 0

Though the name of the National Reso-phonic Style 0 might hint that it was the first reso-phonic model, tricones were first. The Style 0 recreates the earliest single cone models that appeared in the 1930's. Tri-cone models were successful but were more expensive to produce than single cone instruments. Built in November 2004, this National Reso-Phonic Style 0 has all the quality and tone...
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2006 National Radio-Tone Bendaway

The National Radio-Tone Bendaway was one of the first models offered by the then-new National Reso-Phonic company. With a single cone and a single cutaway wooden body, the Radio-Tone has a complex treble and a tightly defined bass. This example dates to April 2006 and is in physically very good condition with light wear and a few marks on the nickel plating. More importantly, it was very...
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1939 National Model 75

Retrofret Stock # 7125. National Model 75 Model Tube Amplifier, c. 1939, made in Chicago, serial # C8539, tweed fabric covering finish. Height is 17 1/2 in. (44.4 cm.), 15 5/8 in. (39.7 cm.) width, and 8 in. (20.3 cm.) deep. Somewhat worn and scruffy overall but still quite solid and original These pre-war National/Dobro amps are very well designed and neatly made. This one still has its...
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1966 National Dynamic Lap Steel and Amp

This attractive pair was brought to Folkway by its original owner. It was bought new for him in 1966, and he never really took to playing it. The amp is still in its original Valco-labeled shipping box, and the steel is complete with legs, cord, and accessories. Both amp and steel are in beautiful condition and in perfect working order. National Model 1210 amplifier - Single stage 3 tube amp...
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National Resophonic Mahogany Concert Resonator Ukelele

Up for sale, a National Resophonic Concert Ukelele in excellent condition and perfect working order. This Ukelele features a mahogany top, back, sides, and neck, with a 5 7/8" resonator cone, making for a particularly loud, but deep sound. Tonally, this instrument is round, warm, and full, with plenty of projection for an ukelele, and would be equally well suited to solo vocal accompaniment and...
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~1949 National Lap Steel

Vintage original 1940's National Lap Steel. Sounds incredible. These are the best lap steel pickups out there. Tone is out of this world. Very well set up and sounding great. With beat up original case, too.
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1964 National Val-Pro 85 Res-O-Glas

This one left us speechless. 1964 National Val-Pro 85 Bass White Res-O-Glass body! Probably the coolest short-scale bass to ever come through the shop, and incredibly rare. Super short 25 inch scale length, it hardly feels like a bass! A single Silversound pickups in the neck, a piezo in the bridge, and just individual volume controls. Overall in near mint condition less a few small spots of...
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1963 National Val Pro 81

Beautifull National Val Pro 81 Red from 1963 ! In exceptional condition, especialy for a 53 years old guitar... Perfectly set up and entirely checked by our resident luthier. Great unique vintage sounds (check our video) This is a Reso-O-Glass heaven, with the color to match it ! Exclusively at Guitare Collection, Paris
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~1950 National Lap Steel

1950’s National Lap Steel. This lap steel is in fantastic shape. Awesome grey pearloid finish. Original built-in cable has been replaced with a modern Fender cable, but otherwise original. The pickup in this thing screams and has a strong output that produces a rich, creamy drive! Includes original hardshell case.
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1962 National Glenwood 95

A beautiful famed Map Shaped Res-O-Glass guitar. Dual Pickups, Gumby Headstock with National Logo, Factory Grover Tuners, and Rosewood bridge. The guitar has comfortable rounded C profile neck and sounds amazing. Newer tailpiece and missing switch tip, otherwise an original guitar. The guitar has a straight playable neck. Included is the original hardshell case. Go to
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