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34" scale , 1 P style powerful pickup. Strings through the body AND/ OR through the bridge!! The scavenger is the rare bass model offered by Washburn when they came out with the Wing series guitars, hawk, eagle, Raven, etc... Comes with gig bag but hard case available . Basic Black finish These are very decent Japanese made basses from the Matsumoko factory period. Condition is used...
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~1981 Washburn HAWK Wing series

This is the neck thru and string strings thru, like the upper Yamaki made models the Falcon and the Eagle models , Looks sharp with an all black finish, neck is sculpted smoothly into the body . Ping Tuners , strong 'zebra' humbuckers made by 'Mighty mite 'and low action, For more info and photos please call Bruce at 585-259-1369
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