1956 C. F. Martin D-28


  • Year: 1956
  • Manufacturer: C. F. Martin
  • Model: D-28
  • Case: Hard
  • Color: Sunburst
  • Condition: Excellent

SN 152776: NEW PRICE: In the 50s Martin was still making guitars largely by hand in its old North Street plant and the quality is quite evident. Here is a gorgeous and very rare Martin sunburst in excellent condition from that period. The rosewood is quite select the Sitka top is very lively and resonant. There is the slightest bear clawing in the top, perhaps the reason for the sunburst. There is one small crack in the grain cleated for good measure. The top has the fine checking typical of this vintage. Bridge and fretboard are made of African ebony – the nut 1 11/16ths, the fretboard has large dots, the tuners are the Kluson ridgebacks, the peghead veneer is stripy BRW, and the neck is carved to a modified V neck with the volute. The top and rosette are the multi-ply binding of the day and the back strip the handsome marquetry. There is one nearly invisible side crack in the upper bout repaired long ago with two cleats. The braces have been scalloped in 30s fashion, probably by the original owner’s luthier. I’ve had the neck reset, a full refret, and a replacement bridge by Mark Tossman (the original bridge had been shaved down to lower the action). It’s been set up with medium strings to medium low action. Mark reports that all is clean in the neck joint. The top is well behaved with no weird torqueing or bellying. It’s ready to go. The tone is big and loud and round. The scalloping has increased the volume on the bass and replaced the tight focused bass of the 50s with the blooming thunder of an earlier vintage. Comes with a newer good quality hardshell case. New Price: $13,500. Old Price: $15,500.